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March 22, 2012


Spelling worksheets:

spelling homework1  spelling homework2   spelling homework3


Rainbow Words: If your child needs to write his spelling words multiple times for practice, then try having him do rainbow words.  Just write each of the spelling words one time and then your child traces the words one time with a red crayon, then again with a green, and a third time with orange.  You get to choose whatever colors you like.
Stamping Spelling Words: have your child write his spelling words and then stamp them.
spelling picureThis is a spelling idea to practice writing words over and over again.  Each student draws a picture and then writes their spelling words 3 times each all over the lines of the drawing. is a fun site for your student to practice his/her spelling list.  The features include teaching the words, games, and a spelling test.  We really liked the Hang Mouse game.

Roll a Word Game:  Today the kids each had different needs. One needed to work on his letters and the other needed to work on spelling words.  I made a little 6×6 rectangular grid and wrote either a word or a letter across the top of the grid.  Then for each letter or word I wrote a number that correlated with a die.  Each child threw his die and depending on what number the die landed on, they wrote that word in its column.  The game continues until one word or letter reaches the bottom of its column and wins.  So the idea is this is a race against the words or letters on their page.  The kids had to write their spelling words or letters each time the number it belonged to was rolled.  Here are some worksheets I made so you can play this at home.  All you need is a die for each child and a pencil.

spelling words dice game       spelling words dice gamewrdswith words for a sample

Look, say, cover, write, check


Write the words in salt
Write the words in shaving cream
Dirty words- write the words in pudding/mud
Rainbow words- write over the word using different colors of marker
Spell the words with playdough
Type the words on the computer- use fun fonts
Use sign language letters
Spell words using Scrabble pieces
Spell out the words using your body to form letters
Use letter stamps
Spell with pasta- cooked  or dry
Cheer the letters for the words
Use Wikki Stix
Write on a dry erase board
Write on a Magna Doodle
Use pipe cleaners
Punch holes in paper to spell words look through on a light
Unifix cube letters
Letter blocks to spell out words
Write the words and stick stickers on
Make pancakes with letters
Bingo daubers
Chalk outside
* Trace, magnetic letters, write- 3 columns
Writing Ideas:
sticker storySticker Story- place a sticker on a page and then your child writes a story about it.
Noise Poetry- These noisy poems though are fun and use “noisy words” to tell about the subject matter. Kids love funny words and noise, especially young five-year-olds. I think they poems are a simple and fun way for kids to write poems. Have your child participate in an experience and then brainstorm all of the words and phrases that come to mind from that experience. Write your poem.
I love all the leaves
I wish I could be a leaf
Scritchy-scratch, scritchy-scratch
Srunchy, srunchy
All kinds of leaves
Red, yellow, green, orange
I love blue leaves
Here I go
Here is one we did together:
Raking leaves
Beautiful yellow and brown leaves
Scratch scratch
hot and sweaty
Crunch, crunch, I’m done.
Cover Image
 Mirror Mirror by Marilyn Singer (interesting way to do poetry)


Cover Image Won Ton by Lee Wardlaw

Cover Image Dogku by Andrew Clements

Letter Writing:

Business Letter Self-Assessment

Friendly Letter Self-Assessment

Paragraph Writing:

I use Step Up to Writing to teach basic paragraphing.

Writing Paragraph Self-Evalutation


Editing Checklist

Summary Writing:

Book summary main idea sentence

Book summary paragraph


Student planning sheet