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Google Docs Test with Grading!

December 3, 2012

If you create a Google Docs test for your class, you can use a feature called Flubaroo.  In your spreadsheet of data choose insert “script”.  Then in script search for Flubaroo and then install.  Using Flubaroo you can choose to grade the test and even email the results to the parents.  You can either have the email as a question on the test for kids to fill in or if you have younger kids, you can go into the spreadsheet and type in each email with each name.  I had to type in email in the top headings and then type in the emails going down the class list.  Your test can be graded and sent to parents in a matter of minutes.  The data that parents receive is great too.  Below is a sample that I created and sent to myself.  The data shows the questions asked, the answers, the correct answers and the score.  I love how this allows immediate feedback for parents and students.  No more waiting around for a week for grades to be posted. Did I mention that Flubaroo is free?

Submission Time Thu Nov 29 2012 19:53:30 GMT-0800 (PST)

Below is your score for each question, along with the correct answer:

Your Grade: 3 / 16 points  

Question Your Answer Correct Answer Your Score Points Possible
Involuntary muscles move when you tell them to. false 1 1
The cardiac muscle is made up of what? joints 0 1
Without a skeleton our bodies would be what? mush 0 1
The central nervous system is made up of the brain and the spinal cord. * true 0 1
Choose the answer that best describes the function of the skeletal system. * The skeletal system helps us react to outside stimuli. 0 1
How many chambers is the heart made up of? * four 0 1
Our five senses are controlled by what part of the brain? * cerebellum 0 1
A stimuli is what? Anything outside of our body that causes a reaction 0 1
All involuntary movements are controlled by which part of the brain? * cerebellum cerebrum 0 1
What are the three types of muscles? * smooth, cardiac, skeletal joints, ligaments, tendons 0 1
The ulna and radius are located in which part of the body? arm chest 0 1
In which part of the bone are red and white blood cells made? * marrow marrow 1 1
The sensory nerves carry messages from the body to the brain. * true false 0 1
If you sat on a sharp object the natural response would be which of the following? * both 0 1
A little girl goes outside and feels a cold breeze, she gets goosebumps. What is the stimuli in this situation? cold breeze cold breeze 1 1
Choose the best word to complete this sentence. ________ are where bones link together. * joints brain stem 0 1

Reading Fluency: Google Docs

December 3, 2012

I used a rubric from Tim Rasinski to create this fluency checklist:

Reading Conference: Google Doc Form

December 3, 2012