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How-To Writing

November 29, 2012

Book CoverHere are some ideas for how-to writing:

How to build a snowman

How to make a recipe (no peanut butter )

How to build a gingerbread house (Christmas time)

How to make a paper airplane

How to play a game

How to make smores

How to brush your teeth

How to make your bed

How to make a root beer float

How to blow a bubble

How to treasure map with directions to find a treasure at the end

How to videos (great ideas here)

*Collect how-to articles to share


Human Body- Third Grade

November 14, 2012

Your Muscles3 types of muscles A handout about the three types of muscles can be found on

Respiratory System ideas found on Spell Outloud


IMG_2954 IMG_2955 lung model

World Rivers- Third Grade

November 6, 2012

World Rivers Sort

River Notes

Rivers of the World Jeopardy Review Game