When everyone in my class can participate in a food activity,  I like to do this activity with Skittles or Froot Loops.  First hand out bags of Skittles.  Next, the students sort the Skittles into groups on the worksheet above.  Then the students can graph the results.  1bargraphfrootloop      1pictograph    1Sorting fruitloopsdirections       1sortingfrootloops           sortingskittles        Skittles Graph2    skittlesmath3rd.cwk (WP)

Here is a graph from Little Giraffes:

There are so many things you can do with the Froot Loops- pattern necklaces, probability, counting with tally marks…

I just love using the Developing Number Concepts Book 1, by Kathy Richardson.  This activity was great for sorting and counting.
In this activity a student scoops a bunch of cubes into his cup. He then dumps the cubes and sorts them by color. Next, he counts each group and then records it on his paper. Have a paper already programed with colors written. You could even have the student use  a crayon to color over each color word if he needs help with reading. I had Frank do his and then count the total number of cubes used as he put them back into his cup. He circled the grand total.
He really liked this activity.* You could also graph the results.

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