Place Value

Place Value

Place value can be very difficult to master. Students often forget to put in zeros to hold places. In third grade, our students had to read the written form of a number, read the standard form, write the expanded form, and then be able to round. At our school we went up to the 100,000 place, so all of these activities go up that high. You could easily adapt these activities for lower or higher numbers.

Game 1: Place Value Concentration:
This game is played just like regular concentration or as other people might call it, memory. Make up a variety of index cards with numbers written to whatever place value you are working on. Then make a corresponding index card with the same number but in expanded form. Place all of the cards in rows upside down. Students take turns turning over two cards to see if they are a match. If not their turn ends. If it is a match, then they go again until they do not find a match.

Here is what I put on my cards:










Game 2: Partner Place Center (no partner needed)
At this center, students read the written form of numbers up to the 100,000s. They write the numbers on paper and then flip the paper over to find the answers and self correct. There are two sets of numbers for this center.

Place Value Activity Game 2
Place Value Activity #2

Game 3: Partner Place Value
In this game there are two students. One student holds number cards that have numbers that need practicing. The second student has number tiles, which are just squares with one number per square. I provide 0, 1, 2,3….9 on the squares. All of the numbers to be called don’t have repeat numbers so you don’t need more than one number. The student with the number tiles puts the numbers in order to match what is heard.
Here are the numbers I have on my cards to be called out:

Game 4: Place Value Bingo
Students sit in groups of up to 6. One student is the caller and calls out all of the number cards. The other students all have different game boards. The other students have to listen to what number is being called out and find it. The first to get Bingo gets to be the next caller. This is great practice for the caller to have to read the numbers and for the players to have to listen to them and picture what the numbers look like.

Here are the bingo cards:

Place Value Bingo

Place Value Bingo2

Place Value Bingo3

Place Value Bingo4

Place Value Bingo5

Place Value Bingo Calling Cards

Game 5: Math-o-Matic
This place value game works on the skill of rounding. There are two game boards. One is rounding to the 10s and the other is rounding to the 100s. Students roll two dice. They arrange the dice to make a two digit number. They can arrange the two numbers anyway they like. For example if they roll a 3 and 4, they can make it 34 or 43. So then choosing the number 43 they round it to 40 and then cover up a space under the 40 column. Game continues until someone covers up all of their squares. Sometimes they may have to miss a turn if the roll numbers that they don’t need.

. Place Value Dice Game-  Draw the number of spaces you want your number to have.  We just wanted to practice up to the 100s place so we drew 3 dashes for each digit.  Then player one rolls the die and places the number that shows up on the die in one of the spots.  Player 2 has his turn.  Repeat so that each player rolls the die 3 times and each time places the number rolled into one of the spaces.  The person with the larger number wins.



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