Dividing with Remainders


Today we played a Marilyn Burns game called “The Game of Leftovers”.  This was a great way to see what a remainder means.  Start out with 12 pieces of paper or other objects and six plates.  You will also need a die.  The first player rolls the die and that number determines the number of plates needed to divide the little papers.  So if you roll a 5, then you would choose 5 plates and lay them out.  Then divide the 12 pieces of paper among the plates.  Whatever can’t be divided equally goes off to the side and is a remainder.  On a record sheet the student will write 12/5= 2 R 2.  In this instance the player gets to keep the remainder 2 pieces of paper.  The next player would then start out with 10 pieces of paper since there was a remainder on the last roll.  Players continue until there are no remaining pieces of paper. Sometimes a player will get numbers that divide equally and no remainders.


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