Addition and Subtraction









Unifix Cube adding



img_7065img_7066 Domino addition is something that is simple and uses dominoes that you may already have laying around your house.  Just pick a domino and lay it down on a paper.  Your child adds each side of the block together and writes the answer.  You may even choose to have your child write the addition sentence below the domino.

Domino Addition Parking Lot Game from and here. Use the dominos as cars to park them in the spaces with the sums of the dots on the dominos.

Grab Bag Subtraction

This was another fun activity from Developing Number Concepts: book 2.  Put any number of cubes into a bag.  Be sure to tell the student how many cubes are in the bag.  We chose to do 10 cubes.  Next, the student puts his hand in the bag and grabs a handful of cubes and counts them.  The student has to figure out how many cubes are still in the bag.  There are two ways you can write the number sentence:




I put 7 because that is how many cubes this student pulled out.  This skill is much harder than I thought, so I let the student use a different set of 10 cubes to help him.  We continued 4 more times.

Addition and Subtraction:

This activity came from Developing Number Concepts: book 2. You need a spinner with a + side and a – side; we just made one using our Tinker Toy spinner and a paper until it with + on one side and – on the other. So first your child spins the spinner and if it lands on the + side then he rolls the die and puts that number of cubes (using the first color) on his number square (see the book for more number squares, we are using an 8 square).  Then fill in the rest of the empty spaces on the number square with the second color of cubes you are using.  Write the number sentence on the recording sheet (we just wrote on plain paper). So if you roll a 2 put 2 green cubes on and then fill in the rest of the spaces with 6 red cubes. Write 2+6=8 on the recording sheet. If your child spins a – then he covers the entire number square with all one color cubes so in our case he covered the squares with 8 red cubes.  Then roll the die and take away that many cubes.  In the picture you can see my son rolled  a 2 so he took off 2 cubes.  Finally write the number sentence 8-2=6.  This was a fun game and a great alternative to worksheets to practice addition and subtraction.

tree Today, we did work problems using this tree.  I gave him an addition problem and then he had to tell a story to match it.  I got the idea from Developing Number Concepts: book 2.  The tree came from Hubbard’s Cupboard.  You can see the problem he came up with to match the addition fact.  We started out using “apples” but found apples might be better with subtraction problems, so we changed the puff balls to birds. If you are teaching in a classroom, then you could collect each child’s story problem and put them in a book for students to work out at a center.


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