Juvenile Arthritis

Ideas for a student with arthritis:

1.  Print out notes that are written on the board for students who have difficulty writing.

2.  Kids with arthritis can have stiffness in their joints in the morning and may move slowly or be tardy often at the beginning of the day.

3.   Have a buddy in place for the student if they need assistance moving their books.

4.  Provide extra books to keep at home so that the student doesn’t have to carry them back and forth to school.

5.  Provide time for the student to move and stretch while at school.  Sitting for a long time can cause stiffness. (Allow to sit in a chair rather than on the floor)

6.  Find out about the student’s needs through his parents and the school nurse.

7.  Be understanding of the condition.  There are times with little pain and other times with a lot of pain. It depends on the flare ups.

8.  Adjust homework assignments as necessary.  (allow dictation, verbalized spelling, less writing)

9.  Many kids are on medications for their JIA.  Keep these side effects in mind: upset stomach, drowsiness, dizziness, headache, and watch for allergic reactions.

*I just found this great list of accommodations to put in a 504 plan.


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