Animal Classification- Third Grade

Animal classification– notes on things to cover for this unit

Vertebrates and Invertebrates

Vertibrate sort

Notes on vertebrates (This is a chart to note each characteristic for vertebrate animals.)


Learning Ideas has a useful Venn Diagram

Sort stuffed animals


ScienceRoll has an x-ray of a turtle and a shell.  I searched for other x-ray pictures to show the spine or lack of spine in some of the animals that kids weren’t sure about.

Kids Corner– more classification cards

Kids Corner- on-line classification game

Cold-blooded Animals

Cold-blooded animals (Fish, amphibians, and reptiles information sheet-  print on blue paper)


Pictures of fish

I love these pictures showing warm and cold blooded using infrared technology.


Notes on warm-blooded animals (Mammals and birds information sheet- print on pink paper)


Pictures of birds

Memory game for mammals

Food Chain

Kid’s Corner Food Chain Game and other information.  The game is in the upper left-hand corner


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