Interview Questions

If you are looking for a job, here are some questions for you to think about before the interview.

1. You are interviewing for a third grade position. What unique contributions can you make?

2.  How is the teacher’s role different when teaching gifted students than when teaching a regular classroom?

3.  How would you provide instruction toward District and State standards?  How would you align your instruction with assessment?

4.   Describe your classroom management style and the climate you would create in your classroom.

5.  How would you engage parents in their child’s education?

6.  What do you think is technology’s role in education?  How comfortable are you with technology?  How would you incorportate it into your classroom?

7.  If I visited your classroom, how would I know you are effective?

8.  Visualize your classroom. What do you see?

9.  How do I know that literacy is a top priority for you?

10.  What characteristics of our school program prompted your interest in applying?

11.  What do you think is unique about first grade?

12.  What specific motivational strategies and activities will you use to teach basic skills in a textbook-based curriculum?

13.  How will you align our textbook to standards and assess it?

14.  My classroom is well managed because…

15.  Name a few ways you would meet the needs of different learning styles in a whole group instruction, text-book setting.

16.  Describe the relationship you have with teammates.

17.  Describe some of the activities you are currently involved in outside the classroom and those you would like to be involved in here.

18.  What would you do to create a new team in a new school for a cooperative team?

19.  How will you find out about students’ feelings about your class?

20.  How do you go about deciding what you should be teaching in your class?

21.  How do you respond to parent complaints?

22.  How do you get students to be excited about learning?

23.  How do you go about finding what students are good at?

24.  Do you use strategies that are perfected or try out new ways of teaching?

25.  What special qualities do you bring to our staff?

26.  What is your concept of literacy and life-long sills?

27.  A student seems unmotivated to learn and participate in your class. What steps would you take to improve his education?

28.  What is your classroom management style? (building relationships, getting to know them, compliments)

29.  How do you communicate with students, parents, and staff?

30.  How would you present a lesson to students so that all learning abilities and styles are being met?

31.  What are your questions?

32. Tell us about a time you had to deal with a difficult situation and how you resolved it.  (Child’s parents didn’t show up, Gab- parents don’t ever check email, do homework, homework folder missing)

33. How do you differentiate?

*Be specific in your answers.

Be honest, show confidence and enthusiasm.

Find out if there is a dress code.

Bring your portfolio, resume, recent evaluation, written philosophy, a unit from your teaching. Use it as evidence as talking

Know characteristics (cognitive and social) of the age group you are applying for.


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