Westward Expansion

View full image Daniel Boone by Marianne Johnston

syndetics-sc Lewis and Clark: a Prairie Dog for the President by Shirley-Raye Redmond (Step Into Reading, Level 3)

syndetics-lc Bewildered for Three Days by Andrew Glass

syndetics-sc The Lewis and Clark Expedition by Carol A. Johmann

syndetics-sc Westward Expansion by Teresa Domnauer

syndetics-sc Lewis and Clark: Explorers of the American West by Steven Kroll

syndetics-sc Westward, Ho! by Darren Sechrist (Graphic novel style book)

syndetics-sc What’s So Great About…? Lewis and Clark by Carol Smalley (for older kids)

syndetics-sc Lewis and Clark by Jason Glaser (older)

Cover Image My First Little House Books (these are picture books)

syndetics-lcLewis and Clark:Great Journey West (video)

syndetics-lc Pioneer Life for Children (video)

How to make a pioneer wagon: 1. Staple blue construction paper onto a shoe box.  Draw on wood lines.2.  Cut a white piece of construction paper to fit as the cover and then lightly glue on white tissue paper.  Allow to dry and then staple the cover into place.  3.  Cut out 4 inch cardboard wheels.  Attach with brads.  Draw on wagon wheel lines.  4.  Add a rolled up yarn rope to the side (not pictured).  Be careful to attach the wheels in the same spot and at the center of the wheel so that it rolls evenly.


A horse on a stick is very simple to make.  Save a wrapping paper tube for the body. Then take two pieces of brown paper and cut out like a horse head.  Staple the head around the tube so that the tube is inside of the head.  Staple on the horse mane too.  Add the yarn reins and your child is set to ride around on his very own horse.


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