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Jingle Bells, Homework Smells

Gingerbread Pirates by Kristin Kladstrup

How Santa Got His Job

Merry Christmas, Curious George

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

If You Take a Mouse to the Movies

The Night Before Christmas

Christmas Cobwebs

The Christmas Humbugs

Firefighter’s Night Before Christmas

M is for Mistletoe

Mrs. Wishy Washy’s Christmas

Santa’s Snow Cat

Santa’s Snow Kitten

Santa’s Stuck

Petunia’s Christmas

Christmas Trolls

Who’s That Knocking on Christmas Eve

Too Many Tamales

Clifford’s First Christmas

Minerva Louise on Christmas Eve

McDuff’s New Friend

McDuff’s Christmas

Polar Express

Christmas Cookies

The Baker’s Dozen

Three Bear’s Christmas

Merry Christmas, Big Hungry Bear

Wild Christmas Reindeer

Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree

Night Tree by Eve Bunting

The Littlest Christmas Tree

Max and Ruby’s Christmas Tree

Where is Christmas, Jesse Bear? (about the 5 senses)

Bear Stays Up for Christmas

Bear’s First Christmas

Gingerbread Baby

Gingerbread Man (many versions)

Gingerbread Girl by Lisa Campbell Ernst

Gingerbread Cowboy

Gingerbread Mouse

Matzo Ball Boy

Santa Claus, the World’s Toy Expert

The Amazing Christmas Extravaganza

(not pictured)

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bell

Santa Mouse by Michael Brown

Morris’s Disappearing Bag

The Jolly Christmas Postman

The Bump on Santa’s Noggin

Yoon and the Christmas Mitten

Welcome Comfort

Dream Snow

Santa and the Three Bears

The Twelve Days of Christmas

A Pussycat’s Christmas

Olive, the Other Reindeer

Crispin, the Pig Who Had It All

The Best Christmas Present of All

My Penguin Osbert

Stick Man by Julia Donaldson

The Baker’s Dozen  (Baker’s Dozen for Reader’s Theater)

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Christmas by Trudi Strain Trueit (Rookie Reader)

The Christmas Penguin by Mary Packard (Hello Reader Level 1)

Gingerbread Kid Goes to School (level 1 reader)

Bunnicula and Friends: The Fright Before Christmas (Level 3 Ready to Read)

Happy Christmas Honey

The Gingerbread Boy: Level 2 by Harriet Ziefert

Early Readers:

Brown Reindeer What Do You See?

Reindeer Christmas Book

I Can See Christmas

My Gingerbread Man from Marcia’s Lesson Links

5 senses what do you see Christmas     5 senses what do you see Christmas2  (the first one has no pictures and the second one has clip art)

Polar Express Ideas:

After reading The Jolly Christmas Postman, have the students create their own holiday cards at a classroom post office center with stationary, stickers, special pens, etc.
 An ornament to write about your favorite Christmas tradition

Pattern blocks designs: You can find a bunch of different ones online.  Instead of using pattern blocks, you could cut out the shapes and glue them onto paper for cute Christmas card designs.  These designs come  from Pre Kinders.

Candy Cane Patterns: Use tribeads and wire to make these.  Kids practice patterning and make an ornament at the same time.

Counting ornaments worksheet

Gingerbread ideas from Math Wire

Math Wire’s Gingerbread Graph Art

Here is a cute preschool Christmas Craft that you can make.  You just have the students glue on different shapes and then put glitter glue all over.  This tree is glued to a white lunch bag and then used as a gift holder .

Arts and Crafts:

Reindeer thumbprint cards

Reindeer handprint

Here is another idea for ornaments for your student. I bought the Shrinky Dinks, traced a design, colored it, cut it out, and then baked it. Make sure you punch the holes at the top before you shrink it. That way you can put a hanger in it.

Tonight we made these neat little Christmas ornaments from Alpha Mom.

The template fit our ornaments perfectly.  The only thing I would do differently next time is to trace the circle with a vis-a-vis marker so that I can erase the circle tracing mark.  Also, my preschooler crushed two of the glass ornaments so it wasn’t a safe craft for him.  Click on the link above to get the directions.

Here is a little gift you can make for your students. The first picture shows everything you need: small marshmallows, hot chocolate packets, Hershey’s Kisses, snowman stamp, stamp pad, little cellophane bags to hold it all, small candy canes (I forgot those in the picture), stapler, zigzag scissors, pen, red paper.

1. Cut out your tag so that it folds in half.  Stamp on a snowman and write Snowman Soup on it.  Cut the tag with zig zag scissors.

2.  Fill the cellophane bag with a hot chocolate packet, 2 Hershey Kisses, a small candy cane, and 5 marshmallows. Put the tag over the top and staple.

I have seen little poems that go with this, but I just write “Merry Christmas” on the back.

Here is another website with a cute tag you can print.

Here are some cute ornaments to make with your class.

The snowman is made out of 7 popsicle sticks, foam pieces, ribbon, and google eyes.

1. First glue 6 of the popsicle sticks together and one going across for the brim. Make sure to let this dry the night before students paint it.

2.  Have the students paint the face and hat. using black and white paint (we used acrylic). Let this dry.

3. After the paint dries the students add the details with the foam cutouts and glue the ribbon on either side so that it can hang. I used hot glue.

4. The last step is the spray paint it with some glitter paint.

The handprint ornament is my favorite. You will need some Crayola Model Magic, red paint, glitter spray paint, and a cute little handprint.

1. First, roll the Model Magic out on wax paper using a rolling pin.

2.  Cut out the circle. I pressed a circular plastic dish into the Model Magic and cut around the edge with a knife. If you have a giant round cookie cutter that would work better.

3.  Then, I pressed my little guy’s hand in the middle of the circle, making sure to get all of his fingers pressed down.

4.  Finally, I stuck a straw through at the top two times for holes to hang a ribbon later. This has to dry for 24 hours.

5.  Once the Model Magic dries, paint the inside of the hand using an acrylic paint

6.  Last, spray on the glitter paint. Here is a cute little poem to put on the back with the child’s photo:

Sometimes you get discouraged because I am so
small and always leave my prints on the table,
chair and wall. But though I am so little
now, someday I’m bound to grow. Then
perhaps you can’t remember how those
prints looked long ago. So here’s a final
handprint just so you can remember
exactly how these prints looked in 2009

These are two cute Christmas crafts.  The first one is a reindeer made out of a triangle, two handprint antlers, and a sparkly painted nose.  The second one is a countdown santa.  The kids glue on a cotton ball for each day until Christmas.  There is a poem on top too.


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