Revolutionary War

April 13, 2014

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Saxon 5th Grade

February 20, 2014





ABC Word Wall Headings

August 6, 2013

alphabet cards for wall

Leveled Books

July 6, 2013

In storage:

Cookie’s Week 10

Make Way for Ducklings 28

Bread and Jam for Frances 20

Napping House 16

First Day Jitters 28

Cloud Book 30

Mr Gumpy’s Outing 28

Chester’s Way 28

Bremen Town musicians 20

Wemberly Worried 28

The True Story of the Three Pigs 24

Go Dog Go 8 (both storage and out in leveled)

Foot Book 8

Miss Nelson Is Missing 28

Harold and the Purple Crayon 20

Snowy Day 20

I Can Read with My Eyes Shut 20


Mouse Cookie Books 20

Tiger Cub Grows Up 20

Very Busy Spider 16

Very Hungry Caterpillar 20

Go Dog Go 8

Where’s Spot 8

Brown Bear 3

Inside Outside Upside Down 8

5 Monkeys 8

A Bug, a Bear and a Boy Go to School 10

PBJ 12

Bear Hunt 16

C0lor of His Own 16

Goodnight Moon 14

Just Me and My Dad 14

Restorative Practices

March 4, 2013

restorative practices

Fraction Practice

January 15, 2013

Here is a fun and interactive way for students to practice labeling fractions.

Great Video on RTI

January 13, 2013

Full Day at After Care or Indoor Recess

January 6, 2013

On Monday I am working a full day at the after care program.  I have compiled a list of ideas to do that don’t require any extra supplies since I have no idea what supplies are available.  Most of these ideas can be used for indoor recess too.

Activity Pages:

Doodle Art

Word searches

Fortune Teller

Fun journal pages

Game Ideas:

4 Corners- Assign four corners in the room a number 1-4.  The person who is it covers their eyes and counts to ten while the other kids run to a corner.  Once at ten the person who is it with his/her eyes still covered yells out a corner number and those kids in that corner are out.  Continue until one person left.  Towards the end each person must go to a different corner if there are 4 or less people.  The one person that is left becomes the next caller.


Musical Chairs

Bingo with prizes

Quiet Ball- pass around a soft ball.  If someone talks or drops the ball they are out. Continue until someone wins.

Heads Down, Thumbs Up

Simon Says

Detective- the detective leaves the room while one person is chosen to hide.  The detective comes back in and tries to figure out who is missing.

Indian Chief- everyone sits in a circle and one person is chosen to be it.  The person that is it leaves the room while someone in the circle is chosen as the chief.  The chief starts some sort of clapping rhythm while everyone copies it.  The person that left the room comes back in and has to guess who the chief is.  The chief has to change the pattern of his/her claps every so often as clues to the person that is guessing.

Mr. Judge- one person is chosen as the judge and faces away from the group with eyes covered.  Then the teacher randomly picks someone to go up behind the judge and say, “Good morning, Mr. Judge.”  The judge then turns around and guesses whose voice it was.  After two wrong guesses the voice reveals himself and then becomes the new judge.  Kids can try to disguise their voices to trick the judge.

Category endings- choose a category and start off the game with saying an object in the category.  The next person must pick an object in that category that starts with the letter that ends the previous word.  Eliminate players if they cannot answer.  Continue until one person is left. (food, songs, names, animals)

Hidden Ball- one person turns their back to a line of kids and then throws a soft ball (a yarn ball or foam) over and behind him.  The kids in the crowd try to catch it and then they all hide their hands behind their backs.  The thrower has to guess who has the ball.

Do You Love Your Neighbor?- everyone sits in a circle and there is one less chair than there are people.  One person is chosen to start out by asking any of the others sitting, “Do you love your neighbor?” Then if the person answers “yes”, the two on either side of him switch spots, but the person standing tries to steal one of the seats.  If the person says “no”, then he would say, “No, but I like everyone wearing ____” or some other characteristic that others would share (pets, color of eyes, birthday, etc.).

Spud- everyone stands in a circle and each person is assigned a number.  Then one person is chosen to stand in the middle and throw the ball up in the air.  As the ball is thrown the person in the middle yells out a number. The person with that number called has to catch the ball and yell, “spud!” once it is caught.  As the person who is trying to catch the ball is catching, the rest of the people in the circle run as far as they can from the center.  The person that has the ball can take three steps in any direction and try to throw the ball at another person.  If they do hit someone then that person gets an “S” and if they are not hit, then the thrower gets an “S”.  If someone gets all of the letters in spud, then they are out.  The person who was hit or attempted to be hit will be the next thrower and caller.

Two-Team Dodgeball- start off with even numbers of kids on each side of the center line.  If one person gets hit then they go to the other team.  Play continues until one person is left on one side.



make own board games to play

color on butcher paper

card games: Speed, Golf, Kings in the Corner, Go Fish, Old Maid, Crazy 8s

Fluency Graph

January 1, 2013

fluency graph2

directions for fluency graph

fluency accuracy norms


Elf on the Shelf

December 21, 2012

Make a paper elf


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